The Data Shift

The Shift

Understand, Create, Earn, Integrate.

Understand | What is Data?

From clicks to your Digital Identity

DATA (noun): Information collected online, upon which assumptions about a user can be made.

When you click you create data. A Digital Identity is simply a collection of this data.

Companies use this data to optimise user experience or they sell it on data markets.

Create | Digital Identity

Revitalise your Data

Consumer data is lifeless. It’s an unrefined mass of clicks from which assumptions are made.

These assumptions can be wrong and your online experience could be suboptimal.

When you choose what data makes up digital you, you can choose what content you see, and who profits from it.

Earn | Data Staking

Own your Shift

Data is a $162 billion dollar industry – why let others profit from your data?

Companies buy and sell anonymous data everyday.

By staking your data on our platform you give these companies the opportunity to source consumer data ethically through a direct purchase from its rightful owner; you.


Integrate | Data Passports

More than just collecting data. We’re connecting data.

What you see online is generated by data-fueled algorithms. So when connecting to the metaverse or other applications, connect using your Data Passport.

The only way to enter and optimise online environments, anonymously.


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