The Data Shift

Our Vision

Shift that Matters

Harnessing the power of data in a way that simply makes life better

Micro Tweaks, Macro Transformation

Join the Shift

We are building a community of individuals who believe there is something fundamentally wrong with the way the current data system works.

If we all take ownership of our data and optimise a digital identity of ourselves – we can use this to change the data economy as a whole.

Online Environment

What we see online, affects how we feel offline

Since we spend a lot of time online, the content we surround ourselves with, and how it effects us, must become an important consideration.

We see a world where we can all use data to manage our online environment in a way which optimises our happiness.

Data DAO

Your data,
your decision

The Data Shift promotes the ethical progression of technology, for which anonymous data is key.


The Data DAO is a decentralised voting mechanism that allows our community to decide how anonymous data is monetised. 


Companies have exploited your data in the past. You decide what happens to your data in the future.

Data Vault

Secured by Blockchain

Your data is sensitive information which has been leaked one too many times before.


For this reason, our platform leverages Blockchain technology to provide a 100% secure, transparent, and decentralised data system.


This means you are the only one in control of your data, and you receive the direct revenue from its sale.

The Dataverse awaits

See you inside?